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The ATTACK 1 Western Fly Rod by Warstic® is built for river dogs who love to move fast and attack any water type. Its 9ft 5 wt profile features a lightweight, crisp feel, medium fast action and surprising pop. Whether power driving streamers in big water, or landing dry flies with precision accuracy and finesse, the ATTACK 1 Western Fly Rod delivers. Anglers with a Warrior's mindset want the ultimate versatile hunting weapon. It's a gun, giving you power and feel all in one rod. If you only want to travel with one rod, this is it.   
Introducing the The Power Loaded Wartip. The Attack 1 Western Fly Rod by Warstic is a 4 piece rod that comes with an extra 5th tip section. The Power loaded Wartip is finished in bright Fire Orange-Red gloss. The Wartip serves two purposes:

1) It provides the angler with a backup if you break a tip on the are good to go with a replacement on the spot

2) EXTRA POWER!!! The Wartip interchangeable tip section is stiffer than the stock tip section, providing up to 10% more power. If you are feel like you need a little extra pop due to water/wind conditions… you have it ready in the bag.

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