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Pro-Shot 12 GA. Tactical Cleaning Jag

$4.99 USD


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Pro-Shot’s Exclusive (Pat. Pending) Tactical Jag Design is a superior way to clean your Firearm Faster & Easier! Works with our (TPK system) pull through systems.
Tactical Jags are for use with the Pro-Shot Tactical Pull Through Cleaning Kit Systems. 

How do they work?

1) Drape patch (centered) over spear point and push down.
2) Assemble jag onto cleaning system and Pull Through from breech to Muzzle end.
3) Repeat until patches are clean.


  •        12 GA Tactical Jag Directly threads onto pull through system 
  •        Exclusive Precision (Pat. Pending) Pro-Shot Design
  • #8-32 threads
  • Made in USA

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