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Our average gross score for harvested bucks is right at 150". We anticipate a rise in our average from year to year. All of our properties are cherry-picked and are scattered across the trophy-filled Bluegrass region of central Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and KS. Central Kentucky is home to both Kentucky's state record Typical and Non-Typical bucks. It is the region of Kentucky where most of the state's trophies are harvested. The state record Non-Typical was harvested just miles from our main lodge.

Kentucky is the record holder of the 6th biggest Typical buck ever taken in the world. Kentucky is most deer professionals top pick for a Boone & Crockett buck or even a world record. Kentucky puts more B & C scoring bucks in the record books per square mile than any other place in the world. Whitetail Heaven's Ohio properties are in the mega buck Adams County and Highland County in southern Ohio, which are the the number one Booner counties for all of Ohio. Ohio is home of the 2nd biggest buck in the world, net scoring over 328". Indiana is home of the 5th biggest buck in the world, which is the 2nd biggest buck ever taken by a hunter. Whitetail Heaven is one of the best opportunities out there for harvesting a mature record book buck.

We have been blending high protein food plots, Whitetail Seduction Minerals and supplemental feed with incredible results! By knowing what deer want and when they need it, we are able to pull in bucks, hold big bucks and grow big bucks. Through that careful planning of management, it has been truly remarkable to watch the antler growth from year to year.

  • We have over 70,000 acres scattered across Central Ky, Southern Ohio and Southern Indiana
  • All 3 of the states we hunt are in the top 5 for number of Boone and Crockett entries made over the past 5 years and we hunt the #1 BOONER counties within those states
  • We have been in business over 15 years
  • 5 star meals and lodging
  • We had 2 hunters take bucks over 200 inches in 2015
  • We have over 12 miles of Ohio River Frontage and over 10 miles of Kentucky River Frontage
  • Over 70,000 Acres scattered across Central Ky, Southern Ohio and Southern Indiana
  • Kentucky is home of the 6th bigger typical buck in the world
  • Ohio is home to the 2nd biggest non typical buck in the world which gross scored over 328"
  • Indiana is home to the 5th biggest non typical in the world and this buck is the 2nd biggest ever taken by a hunter gross scoring over 305"
  • We hunt Adams, Brown and Highland Counties in Ohio
  • We hunt Harrison, Jennings and Washington Counties in Indiana
  • We hunt Shelby, Pulaski, Casey, Henry, Woodford, Jessamine, Garrad, Fayette, Nelson, Meade, Oldham, Grayson, Hardin, Breckinridge, Lewis and Anderson Counties in Kentucky
  • We hunt the #1 Booner Counties in Ohio and Kentucky
  • The Ky state record non typical was taken less then 10 miles from our main lodge
  • We have over 20 miles of Kentucky and Ohio River frontage
  • We have properties that have been under our strict and intense management programs for over 15 years and these properties are mega buck Meccas
  • Huge hollers, thickets, big big woods and very low pressure allow our bucks to reach maturity
  • High protein food sources that far exceed the 17% protein intake needed for the whitetail and cool season food sources making for a year around food plot program allow our bucks to reach there maximum genetic potential
  • Whitetail Seduction Trophy Deer Minerals on all of our properties ensure our bucks are receiving all the vitamins and minerals they need
  • Gross average right at 150" on harvested bucks
  • 365 days out of the year our properties are intensely managed with strategically placed food sources and mineral supplements
  • Absolutely No Trophy Fees
  • Nationally Awarded
  • Cabelas Signature Outfitter
  • Over 1000 treestands setup ready to hunt
  • We have several hundred cameras always scouting for us
  • You can go to and type Whitetail Heaven Outfitters into the search bar to watch some of our awesome videos
  • High protein plantings during the entire 200 day antler growing period to ensure our bucks reach maximum potential
  • Standing corn and beans, winter wheat, oats, turnips, snow peas and much more during the fall and winter to ensure our bucks pack there weight back on after the rut
  • Highly knowledgeable expert guides
  • You can go to and type Whitetail Heaven Outfitters into the search bar to get to our Google page where you can read over 50 Google reviews on us and by the way we have a 5 star rating
  • 5 star Google review rating
  • 5 star Facebook rating
  • Most of our farms have a 130" min but we have farms with 140" and 150" min
  • 100% Wild
    100% Fair Chase
    100% No Fences
  • Highest free range outfitter success rates
  • Highest free range outfitter gross average on harvested bucks
  • Tri state hunt giving you the opportunity at 3 bucks from 3 different states during one visit
  • You can call or text us at 1-800-689-6619 or email us at

You will often times hear our guests or the Whitetail Heaven crew say "No One Does What We Do." Here's another thing we offer our guests that no one else does: Every year in March we have a 4-day shed rally, where every guest who has a hunt booked with us can come along for free. It's a 4-day, 5-night event, with all meals and lodging on us. It's a great way to meet all the guides and staff, as well as to find that hot spot you're going to be hunting next fall! If you have a hunt booked with us and would like to join our spring shed rally, contact us at (859) 509-2704‬.

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